Out of the Ashes the Phoenix rises …..

and so can you!

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You have taken the first step in making your life better. I want this to be a place of healing and encouragement as you walk into life as a SURVIVOR! You are no longer a victim. Here I pray that you will find the strength to continue walking an empowered life.

Beginning in June 2020 listen in to the weekly podcast. It is designed specifically for young women who have been the victim of sexual or physical violence who would like to deepen their relationship with God.


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Blog on topics especially relevant for victims of sexual or physical violence.

My Story

When I was in college I was the victim of sexual and physical violence. It was a difficult process of moving from victim to survivor and I wish that there had been resources to help me. I blamed myself for many years. As I began to understand what this was all about, I realized that for a few years before that and many years after, I had allowed men to treat me like an object, because I didn’t know it should be different. I never would have believed that the joy you see in this picture was possible.
But here’s the thing … I was raised in a Christian home. I had a mom and dad who were Christians and loved me deeply! We weren’t rich, but I always had everything that I needed. I always had friends. I went to a Christian college and then to Seminary. No one would have guessed that this could happen to me. Many times I struggled to find confidence in who God created me to be. I didn’t really know how to study the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I did read my Bible, I just didn’t know how to study it! I learned many of those things in college that still help me today. But the other side of this, I believed that if I had done something different, this wouldn’t have happened. I believed that it was my fault that this was happening. But, as I found out many years later … it wasn’t my fault. Sometimes God allows us to go through hard things to teach us things, and so that we can teach others. I sure am glad that He is there to walk with me through every thing I go through in life.

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